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2 12-ounce bags of raw broccoli
Cup chopped red onion
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup cooked and chopped bacon (bacon bites can be used)
I use the Kraft brand for creamy coleslaw

Instruction :

-This is the very easy part, in a large bowl, mix all ingredients and mix well and leave in the fridge for 2 hours and simmer! The great thing about this simple broccoli salad is that you can add more sauce, more cheese, etc.
Enjoy !


  1. Grace

    The recipe says simmer. Is it suppose to be something else. Sure want to make this

  2. Meleny Mosbacher

    How do you make hot bacon dressing like the claim Jumper dead?

  3. Joyce

    I love this salad!

  4. Diane

    Kraft brand of what……?

    • laura

      She means the Kraft brand coleslaw dressing. Personally, I like the Marzetti brand coleslaw dressing much better. Find it in the cold section near fresh produce.


    • Sandra k Parker

      i think she is saying Kraft Creamy Coleslaw dressing

    • Evs

      Salad dressing

  5. robert beck

    This was a very popular salad about 20 years ago. I doubt that simmer means to heat or cook. How about artificial Bacon Bits for vegans? Or smoked cheese or smoked vegan sausage> Kraft apparently makes a bottled coleslaw dressing.

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